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Cirencester College is seeking two new External Governors and we are particularly interested in hearing from people with experience of buildings and accommodation, sustainability and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). 
Governors are collectively responsible for setting the strategic direction of the College and its activities Governors are required to commit to seven Corporation meetings and one or two Strategy meetings each year and most are also members of one of our sub-committees which meet up to three times a year.  Meetings are normally held on Monday evenings.
You can find out more about the work of the Corporation, and our existing Governors, who  come from a wide range of professional backgrounds, by looking at the “Corporation” section on the College’s website: and, from their “personal profiles” learn about their motivation for becoming Governors and what they feel they have gained from taking on this role.
These are voluntary roles but we do pay expenses, including travel and child-care, to enable attendance at meetings.  An induction and mentoring programme provides support for new Governors and we also provide opportunities for ongoing training and development.
The closing date for applications for these roles is:  21st April 2017
It you are interested in applying for this role, or would simply like to find out more about it, please contact Joanna Noles, Clerk to the Corporation, for an initial informal discussion on or in writing c/o Cirencester College, Stroud Rd, Cirencester, Gloucestershire GL7 1XA.



Bridget Stockford: Co-opted Governor

As a Governor, I love to attend College Open Days and meet young people who are considering coming to the College. It is great to see the young people stepping forward and taking control of their own learning, asking questions about courses and clearly starting out on their own "learning journey"

Mike Hellens: External Governor - Vice-Chair (External)

I was inspired to apply to become a Governor by my belief that all young people should be given the support that they need in order to fulfil their potential.

Joanna Noles : Clerk to the Governors

Joanna is the Clerk to the Governors and is the first point of contact for anyone wishing to get in touch

Paddy Thompson: Student Governor

Deaglan McArdle: External Governor

In my professional role, I have visited hundreds of colleges and am particularly impressed by Cirencester College�s commitment to its students and to the local community and the way it is proactive in continually assessing what is best for them.

Julian Tudsbery : External Governor

I am struck by the vibrancy and excitement within the College coupled with a strong sense of purpose .... I believe that the College is a major asset to the town of Cirencester and to the wider community.

Rich Stonebridge: Staff Governor (Academic)

I applied to become a Staff Governor because I felt the role would develop my understanding and provide an overview of the internal and external factors that impact the College.

Adrian Daglish : External Governor

I believe that input from the Parent Governor is vital. It enables other Governors to have an understanding of the experience and point of view of students' parents. This perspective is extremely important.

David Taylor: External Governor

My experience of the College as a parent has been very positive. In particular, engagement and communication with parents regarding the education and support of their children has been exceptionally good. I have worked with a large number of Colleges over the years and recognise Cirencester College as being an excellent education provider.

Susie Richards : Parent Governor

The College environment is very different from that of a secondary school and provides young people with the freedom to develop independence and maturity within a supported environment. Due to the positive experience of my older son at the College, my younger son did not consider any other education providers when deciding where to continue his studies following his GCSEs.

Peter Holmes: Co-opted Governor

Through my extensive professional experience within the local education sector, I am aware of the quality of the learning environment and aspirational learning outcomes that Cirencester College provides.

Debbie Lawley: External Governor

The response to any concerns that I have had as a parent have been dealt with quickly and effectively and my son has thrived at the College. I believe that studying in a College environment provides an excellent launch pad for university or employment.

Neil Owen: Staff Governor (Support)

The heart of the College is its students and its "student focus" underpins everything that it does.

Ben West: Co-opted Governor

Although I have moved to the area relatively recently, I have been impressed by the attitude and aspirations of a number of the College’s students and this encouraged me to apply to become a Governor.

Jane Sharp: Chair of Corporation

My decision to become a Governor is underpinned by my fundamental belief in inclusive state education that is easily accessible to all. My aim as a Governor is to provide challenge and support to the management of the College to facilitate this provision within our local community.

David Roberts: External Governor

My experience of the College as a parent has been extremely positive. My son has settled in very quickly both academically and socially. I believe that the greater freedoms offered at the College, and the consequent maturity required by students, provides an extremely good preparation for higher education or employment.

Jenny Hoffmann: External Governor - Vice-Chair (Internal)

I believe that the College is a pivotal part of the local community, both as a major employer and as a provider of a range of education opportunities to young people from Cirencester and beyond.

Lois Cowie: Student Governor

I hope that my role as a Student Governor will enable me to raise issues of importance to students at Corporation level.

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