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Italian AS Level

An intensive language course which builds on GCSE language skills.

What does the course involve?

By watching television and film clips, reading newspaper articles and using the language laboratory to practise your listening skills you will develop the ability to use the language in a natural way. Working entirely in the target language and studying the rules that govern its grammar you will learn to express yourself with much greater confidence and accuracy. The course is challenging so you will need high levels of motivation and the ability to work independently.

There will be 3 x 90 minute lessons per week at Mon 12.55pm + Thurs 9.00am + Fri 10.35am.  The beginning of term is the 5th September 2012.  The course will run until mid May 2013.  Please email if you require further information about this course.

What Will I Study?

: We will look at a range of topics which will give you a better understanding of the people and of their way of life.

What are the general entry requirements for this type of course?

You will need grade C in FIVE of the following (inc. short GCSEs) : English Language or Literature / Humanities (History,Geography,RS,Sociology,Psychology,Law) / Business / Science (Core and Additional OR triple) / Maths / Foreign Language - If that does not include GCSE English Language, you must take this course at college and achieve a C to progress to A2.

You must achieve a grade C in any GCSE taken which is directly related to this AS level unless a higher grade is specified.

What are the specific entry requirements for this course?

You will require a GCSE grade B in this specific language

How is the Course Assessed?

What other costs are there?

Supplementary Costs Band A (£0 - £50)

Frequently Asked Questions

What will it lead to? : You will have the opportunity to continue your studies to A2 in the second year in which you continue to refine your fluency and learn the skills required for interpreting.

Are there any trips? : We very much encourage you to spend some time abroad practising your language skills and can put you in touch with companies who organise work experience and homestays.

Do I need any study aids? : For your study at College you will need to buy a good dictionary for use at home. An A-level vocabulary book and a grammar book would also be useful.

What else do I need to know?

Why study a modern language? : Language skills are highly prized in the job market, not only for their practical applications but also as proof that you have a good level of intellectual ability. The AS course encourages you to develop an analytical approach, problem solving skills and general curiosity about life in other countries. Your ability to talk freely in a language other than English will also enhance the enjoyment you get from travelling and make it easier for you to pick up a second or even a third foreign language. If you have an enquiring mind, a retentive memory and a real desire to communicate, languages are for you.

Awarding Body : EDEXCEL