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Basic Computing, Internet and Email

An introduction to computers that covers basic word processing; searching for information on the Internet and storage devices such as CD-ROM; e-mailing and simple technical information about the computer itself. This course leads to a nationally recognised qualification.

What does the course involve?

This course allows the student to learn a range of essential basic computer skills. The completion of a short simple assessment at the end of each unit will lead to the achievement of a nationally recognised qualification. Each student will work through a series of tasks with help and support from their tutor. 

This course is available through our IT Open Learning sessions run at The Castle in Cirencester town centre.  Please contact David Young at The Castle for more information.  01285 653961

What Will I Study?

Introduction to Computers : Learning what makes up a computer, health and safety issues of using a computer and some of the legal implications of using a computer.

Word Processing : An introduction to word processing using Microsoft Word including simple text formatting, inserting images and page layout.

Internet and Email : An introduction to using the Internet and e-mail. Learn how to search for information and then present your findings in printed format. Learn how to send, receive and reply to e-mails and how to manage your inbox effectively.

What are the specific entry requirements for this course?

There are no entry requirements.

You do not need to have studied this subject before.

How is the Course Assessed?

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have used a computer before the start of this course? : No. The course is designed for beginners and adults with very little computer skills.

Do I need access to a computer at home to attend this course? : It would allow revision of the tasks covered in college but is not a requirement. As a student you can use our facilities outside of the class times.

Is there an assessment at the end of the course? : There is an assessment at the end of each unit but this will be done in class with the support of your tutor and is very informal.

Will this course lead to a qualification? : Yes, this course is a nationally recognised qualification accredited by OCR. You will get an OCR Certificate in using ICT (Entry 3).

What else do I need to know?

: This qualification is also offered through Open Learning.